I need help with these 3 assignment:

1) Parenting styles

Step 1: Review the four parenting styles.
Step 2: In one page paper, explain the four types of parenting styles.

  • Explain how parenting styles can impact the social, cognitive, and emotional development in Early Childhood
  • Explain why understanding each of parenting styles can be helpful in a clinical setting.
  • Discuss which parenting style may be identified in a “mandatory reporting” case.
  • Include whether or not you think the most common parenting style has changed over the last decade. Explain your answer.

Provide 3-5 reference to support your stance.

2) Peer influence

Step 1: Research the social and emotional development of an Adolescent.

Step 2: In a one page pager, explain how peer influences change during adolescence

  • Discuss Piaget’s formal operational stage of development and how it may impact the thoughts and choices in adolescence.
  • Discuss the shift of reliance on peers
  • Discuss the shift from reliance on parents
  • Are there dangers? Explain your answer
  • Are there consequences? Explain your answer
  • Are there advantages? Explain your answer 3) midlife transitions
  • Step 1: Research midlife transitionsIn a two page paper write about the following:
    • Discuss the different types of intelligence, and why this stage in development falls into Erik Erikson’s period of generativity versus stagnation.
    • Compare and contrast generativity and stagnation in midlife transitions.
    • Discuss the importance of health and lifestyle during the middle adulthood years.
    • Explain how relationships with both parents and children transition during Middle Adulthood.

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