Answer all questions fully. Answers shall summarize the requested information in a readable format where applicable. Fully cite your source of information at the beginning of the assignment, then explain in your own words the requested information as applicable. All work must be your own, sharing of work is a violation of academic integrity. Neatness (spelling, grammar and appearance) counts. Short Answer (2 point) 1. What are the three primary activities in which federal OSHA engages to address workplace safety and health? 2. Explain why the term “OSHA state” is ambiguous. 3. What is OSHRC, when was it created, and what does OSHRC do? 4. Does federal OSHA apply to volunteer and part-time firefighters? 5. In the absence of constitutional, legislative, or executive authorization for collective bargaining, do municipal firefighters have a right to bargain collectively with their employers? 6. What are the most common forms of interest dispute resolution mechanisms? 7. List the six types of union security provisions and describe each. 8. What is a strike? Discussion Questions (3 points) 1. What is the difference between an approved plan OSHA state and a non-approved plan OSHA state, and how does the difference between the two impact fire departments? 2. Explain how OSHA’s general duty clause can be used to cite an employer that fails to comply with industry-wide standards. In particular, explain the relationship between NFPA standards and the general duty clause. 3. When a union has to make a choice between benefiting one member at the expense of another, how can it possibly satisfy the duty of fair representation to both?

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