Please modify the attached file as follow

Part 1: Page Layout Modifications
Use your hTML Exercise 2 files as the starting point for this assignment. If you don’t have them or if your files had significant problems, please email me for assistance. Modify your pages to produce a two column layout with navigation on the left and page content on the right. Once you have this working for your assignment.css and index.html page, replicate it for our menu and location pages. The background color used for the content area should be #f2e7c9. Your navigation links should include link, alink, and vlink colors as well as a hover effect such as a background color change.

Part 2: Web Table and same page link
Modify your menu.html page to include a web table that has at least 5 breakfast items, 5 lunch items and 5 dinner items. Each item must include a title, description, and price. Use CSS to style the table to make it readable and attractive. At the bottom of your page, create a link back to the top of the page.

Part 3: Hyperlinked Image
Modify the location.html page to make your map image link to a Google map (because this is a ficticious location, you can use any google map). What you’re doing is creating a hyperlinked image.

Part 4: Validation
Your pages should validate without errors using the w3c HTML validator at
Your assignment.css should validate without errors using the w3c CSS validatior at:

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