Case Scenario

The mid-sized company, ABC Athletics Co., is now experiencing sales growth and will need to hire additional employees to keep up with demand. The organization experienced an increase in turnover rates among production workers in the past five years and expects it to continue over the next three years. ABC Athletics Co. also expects to lose 10% of its workforce through retirement. It is apparent that the talent management process needs improvement and the organization must be better prepared to respond to short-term and long-term changes in the workforce. As the HR director, you recognize the need for a new, comprehensive, and integrated talent management approach.

Purpose: The primary goal of this assignment is to engage you in a paper review and revision process with the support of a writing specialist. The outcome of this assignment is a draft of the Final Paper due in Week 6.


  • Create a working thesis and introduction.
  • Create a draft of all required sections outlined below.
  • Summarize your draft with a conclusion paragraph.

Prepare: Look ahead at the Week 6 Final Paper. Carefully review the “ABC Athletics Co.” case scenario and make note of each required sections in the Talent Management Plan outline. Begin with an outline and include all of the headings and subheadings. Craft a thesis and introduction. For your assignment, write a six- to seven-page draft (excluding the title and references page) of the Final Paper. The draft should contain a working thesis, an introduction, at least a partial draft of each required section of the final paper, and a conclusion.

Workforce Planning

  • Create a staffing plan forecasting recruitment needs.

Talent Sourcing

  • Evaluate two to three specific recruiting methods.

Talent Selection

  • Evaluate selection methods and develop a plan for interview process.


  • Explain components of the onboarding and orientation program.

Employee Development and Engagement

  • Explain how development solutions promote engagement.

Performance Management

  • Formulate a strategy on performance assessment.

Succession Planning

  • Develop a succession plan for the organization.

Talent Retention

  • Develop a retention strategy for the organization.
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