Add the following to your Action Research Project essay specializing area in Reading literacy. Respond to the following in Part C; Part D; Part E. Using APA style and reference. Part C: Making a Plan : Write ½ page · Describe a strategy, intervention, or some other action that you might implement to address the problem you identified in your research question(s). · Explain the change(s) you plan to make in your teaching, your classroom, or your outreach to improve learning. Part D: Collaboration: Write ½ page · Articulate your plan for working with teaching colleagues and/or administration throughout the action research process. · Explain, with rationale, the different types of collaboration in which you will engage as your work through your action research plan. Part E: Create a Timeline : Write ½ page · Create and explain a graphical representation of a timeline you plan to follow for the rest of your action research project. (View assignment attachment & copy of draft literature review and revised research questions)

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