my product is charger One product idea we have come up with is a charger that will charge your phone to 100%

but when it is fully charged the charger will automatically stop charging your phone, while it is

still plugged into the outlet and the phone. The purpose of this product is to protect your phone’s

battery, if a phone is consistently overcharged it can lead to the phone dying way before it

reaches 0% or the percentage dropping way faster then it should. This is different from regular

chargers on the market because regular chargers will continue charging a fully charged phone

and eventually ruining your battery. To make this product we would need to figure out a way for

the charger to know when the phone is 100% charged, so the charger will stop charging the

phone. We may need an app to help us out with that aspect but we are not selling an app we are

selling a charger.

Annotations should be an Situational Analysis paper 400 -500 words

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