Project1: How effective is the software security on intelligent applications and artificial intelligence services like Siri, Gmail, and Tesla?

Description: You are required to work in a group of two. Teams will be formed when project is given, and if it doesn’t work out with your team member you are responsible to work on the project individually. You should work on this project outside of the class time.


  • The future is intelligent applications. Learn how companies are shifting from big data to intelligent application approaches.
  • Intelligent applications are developing along two distinct functional use cases:
    • Automating simple routine tasks that take time away from more value-add activities.
    • Provide relevant data to the application user (person or team) that needs it, at the appropriate time and with the proper context

Your Project MUST contain following format:

1. Approaches/Techniques

2. Results

3. Compare findings with other researchers, which is included in the introduction section

4. Recommendations based on your findings make future improvements

5. Conclusion

6. References

Project Requirement

You must complete all 6 sections of this project, write a report, which is expected to be completed with quality. Also, a PowerPoint with findings and demo during presentation to the class.

Project Deliverables

  • Projects reports are expected to be 5 pages long. Don’t stretch the report just to meet a particular page number, nor feel constrained if it needs to be longer to get your key points and results across.
  • A good report must answer the standard questions about any research project. The following format is suggested and including the information I asked above:
    • Abstract: WHAT did you do, WHY was it important, WHAT were your high level results?
    • Problem Statement: WHAT is the problem you attempted to solve?
    • Prior Work: HOW have others approached your problem?
    • Research Approach: WHAT was your approach to solving your problem? WHAT did you build? WHAT was your experimental methodology in terms of instrumentation, data collection, analysis, etc.? Include figures to describe your architecture and to assist in the presentation of your algorithms and analyses.
    • Results: WHAT were your results? HOW did you evaluate your work and WHAT were your figures of merit? Include graphs, charts, or other ways to visually describe your results.
    • Lessons Learned and Future Work: If you knew then what you know now, WHAT would you do differently? WHAT questions are left for future research?
    • Summary and Conclusions: Summarize your project and place your results in an overall context.

Prepare a
class PowerPoint Presentation and DEMO

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