I NEED TONIGHT BEFORE MIDNIGHT Purposes of Assessment This week you will use a case scenario to discuss the purposes of assessment. There is much talk in the media about assessment, and parents and professionals often question the value of all of the assessments that are given in early childhood. You are a teacher in a pre-school, ages 3-5. Your administrator has asked you and three colleagues to prepare a presentation for other early childhood professionals at your school. To prepare for the presentation at a “Brown Bag Lunch,” you are to choose one of the four purposes of assessment discussed in your text (evaluation, diagnosis, placement, or research). Explain how the ONE purpose of assessment you chose has changed over time in early childhood and why. Specifically discuss trends and issues that have historically occurred in relation to this ONE purpose. Find one outside resource on this ONE purpose to discuss and share this resource on the Discussion Board. This resource can be a website, journal article, video or other professional resource. Discuss how this ONE purpose of assessment is aligned with the NAEYC position statement of Ethical Conduct from your readings and is valuable for the students, parents, educators and administrators. You must specifically cite how the NAEYC Code of Conduct is aligned with the one purpose of assessment and why. USE THE BOOK AS A SOURCE FOR THE FIRST PART – ASSESSMENT IN EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION  7TH EDITION BY SUE C. WORTHAM AND BELINDA HARDIN FOR THE SECOND PART USE AN OUTSIDE SOURCE AND FOR THE THIRD PART DISCUSS HOW IT IS ALIGN WITH NAEYC

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