READINGS: 1. Read. Reimers, F.M., Chopra, V., Chung, C.K., Higdon, J., & O’Donnell, E.B. (2016). Empowering global citizens: A World Course. (pp. 180-420; sixth grade – book conclusion) “, Michael Ranney) Example…… avenue new york school video: Finnish education:… Drawing on lessons you learned from the Finnish school system earlier on in the semester as well as the readings and course materials this week, consider the following in a two part reflection 1) Keeping in mind that Avenues is one of the most elite schools in the U.S. and the Finnish education system is developed keeping the local context and needs in mind, do you think there is anything about these approaches that can (and should) be shared with public schools in the U.S. or schools in other (potentially even less resourced) settings? In short, are either of these models viable if resources are scarce? What will it take for more children globally to experience the high quality education we know? Use course concepts to inform your argument. 2) As you continue to develop a series of lessons on a topic related to global education, what new insights do you have from this weeks readings and do you plan to implement them into your lesson plans? Use ideas and concepts from the course to inform your response. Finally, in 2-3 sentences indicate what feedback you incorporated in order to make this second version of your lesson plan. -do you plan to implement them into your lesson plans?(please, check the screenshots and also we are going to create a lesson plan about global warming) Articulate your ideas in 1-2 pages (12 point standard font; double spaced). You may also include assets you or your peers posted to the Asset Library. Please be sure to use a standard in-text citation format (APA, MLA, or Chicago).

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