Researching material for the content of your speech is important to the development of the body of the speech. While the following videos are designed by a high school teacher for a specific class, they are excellent overview of how to research and cite sources in your speech.

Watch the videos and answer the questions below:

Researching and Citing Sources (Part I) (Links to an external site.)


Researching and Citing Sources (Part II) (Links to an external site.)

Answer the following questions:

1. Define the following terms (as they are defined in the video):

  • cite
  • site
  • credible
  • reputable
  • periodical

2. How do writing and speaking differ in terms of the audience (3 things each with distinction for the reader and the listener)?

3. What is the proper way to verbally cite a source in a speech? (What information do you give the audience?)

4. The video talks about using the cite; (Links to an external site.) however, that is not appropriate for you as an SNU Student, where would you go to find academic, credible information here at SNU? (This is not in the video. If you don’t know the answer, you need to go to the SNU library and find out.)

5. List the internet “dos” for internet research?

6. List the internet “don’ts” for internet research?

7. What are the “old” ways to research (9 steps)?

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