Develop an exercise program for yourself (whether or not you plan to follow it). Be sure to set SMART goals (Donatelle p. 347). Include the FITT Principle (Donatelle pp. 347-352) for cardiorespiratory fitness, muscular strength and endurance, and flexibility. Complete each of the following sections. Submit a MSWord document in APA format. You can also use a chart or a table as long it contains the necessary information. Section 1: Set your exercise goals using the SMART system. Section 2: Use the FITT principle to prescribe cardiorespiratory exercises. Section 3: Use the FITT principle to prescribe muscular strength and endurance exercises. Section 4: Use the FITT principle to prescribe flexibility exercises. Section 5: What are the realities of you completing this program? What are barriers that may prevent you from completing this program? What do you think are the rewards for following this program?

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