Part 2 Topic Proposal, Rationale, and References Page Select one of the following formats for your project: 1. Create a presentation for parents (PowerPoint) 1. Create a presentation for parents (PowerPoint). · Include 10-15 slides. · Include at least 2 handouts for parents to take home for future reference that will reinforce the presentation. · Be creative in your use of technology in your PowerPoint presentation. · You must cite and reference the applicable NAEYC standard(s) in addition to your sources. Based on feedback you received on Part 1 of the project, revise and finalize your topic choice and submit a rationale of 200-250 words describing the reason for selecting your topic, the format your project will take, and the concepts you will cover. Include at least 1 NAEYC standard which supports the rationale for your project. Using feedback you received on Part 1 of the project, revise your reference page to correct any APA errors. You must include a minimum of 3 scholarly sources, one of which must be your textbook. Be professional in your writing. Refer to your students in one of the following ways: students, children, preschoolers, or young children. Referring to students as kids is not a good choice when writing a professional educational paper. Please add more content to reference #5   in attached draft  of reference page

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