Hardware Lab 4: EEE/CSE 120 Design Project Spring 2016 Deliverables You are to design two CONCEPTUALLY different finite-state synchronous machines by performing the tasks described for the Gas Pump Controller functional specification. (A design which differs by only the type of flip flop (e.g., J-K vs. D) or number of states (i.e., inserting more unnecessary states) is not considered conceptually different. First, you will need to implement both designs using Logisim and demonstrate to the CSE/EEE 120 simulation TA’s in GWC 185 that both designs work correctly by the software due date (See Table 1 below). You will need to sign up on Doodle for a time slot at which you will demonstrate your design to a TA in GWC 185. The link for your sessions is the following: http://doodle.com/poll/bcrsxtq66p73iima You may demo this by either 1) opening your file using the computer reserved by the TA on duty or 2) asking the TA to test your circuit on your laptop. You will need to bring with you a printout of your report template into which you’ve cut/pasted your Logisim circuits. It makes most sense to complete the lab template and print it before you go and demonstrate the designs to the TA. You must have your design simulation working before asking the TA to test it because you will be given only one chance to prove that it works. You must also be able to defend your design; the TA’s will be asking questions to make sure that your design is your own original work. Upon completion of your simulation demonstration, the TA’s will sign and apply a grade to your report template. You also need to include these simulations into your lab report template. Second, you will need to implement ONE design using the TTL parts you used in earlier lab work and demonstrate to only a CSE/EEE 120 hardware TA that your circuit works correctly. You must complete this demo by the due date (See Table 1 below). You will need to sign up at the front desk in GWC 273 for a time slot in which to build your hardware demo. After reviewing the simulation TA’s signature on your Logisim schematic printout, the hardware TA’s will test your design and stamp the design pages of your completed report template. You must be able to explain why your circuit responds the way it does to a given input data stream. You must have your report template completed and bring it with you to your in-lab hardware demonstration. Your completed report template will be collected by the hardware TA at the conclusion of your demonstration. You must use the design project template for your report. Lab project make-ups will be allowed ONLY with written permission from your instructor. You may discuss this project with each other; however, you must provide an individual report. In addition: (1) You must go to the GWC 185 individually to demonstrate your simulation of both designs AND (2) You must go to the hardware lab individually to build one circuit in order to have your individual report count. 1Grading Policy The grade will be allocated as follows: 30% Design Simulation With Logic Works or Logisim ? 15% for the design of the first circuit and demonstration. ? 15% for the design of the second circuit and demonstration. 70% Build One Design in the Hardware Lab and Lab Report ? 30% demonstration of one design in the hardware lab. ? 11% for documentation in the report of how the first circuit performs the application. ? 11% for documentation in the report of how the second circuit performs the application. ? 5% for establishing reasonable criteria for picking one design as the “best” design. (The one design you build in the hardware lab does not need to be the “best” design.) ? 8% for picking a preferred, “best” design. ? 5% for following template guidelines. 5% (Extra Credit) Completed Self-Assessment Worksheet 5% (Extra Credit) for signing up for a Hardware Demonstration time slot on a Tuesday or Wednesday. Instructor Baumann & Matar & Reisslein Table 1: Period of Performance Begin En…

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