Guidelines: Format: APA writing style, sources cited in APA format Margins: 1” all sides Headings: Bold Times New Roman, 12 point No page numbers No headers or footers * Response must be 4 pages minimum Let’s say you have been reflecting on your first few weeks as a preschool teacher. You often find yourself asking yourself things like, “Is this child just grumpy, or is there something more going on?” “Why aren’t the children cooperating?” “How can I manage this negative behavior that is occurring? Is there something more I can do?” With that in mind, consider the scenarios in Part A and Part B. Part A Three-year-old Tommy is crying and upset because he can’t draw a truck like Sam’s. For this scenario · Determine the cause of the behavior. Provide one (1) supporting fact to justify your answer, citing your source. · Develop a guidance approach that you might use to address the cause of the behavior. Provide one (1) supporting fact to justify your approach, citing your source. Part B The block area is a popular area within the classroom. By the time clean-up arrives, nearly every block is on the floor. As clean-up is announced, children move to other areas, refusing to assist in clean-up of blocks. For this scenario, describe · two (2) possible causes · two (2) possible guidance strategies. Justify your strategies.

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