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A) You have just purchased a new GMC Sierra equipped with factory-installed P235/75R17 tires. You think the tires look too small, so you replace them with P265/70R17 tires.

How does this change in the size affect the accuracy of speedometer and odometer readings?

In other words, answer the following questions:

How much further would the larger tire travel in one rotation of the wheel?

If your odometer reading is 10,000, you have actually traveled how many miles?

Actual Mileage =

Using the odometer readings in the truck equipped with the larger tires, you determine that the gas mileage is 18 miles per gallon. What is your actual gas mileage in miles per gallon?

If your speedometer reading is 45, you have actual speed is how many miles per hour?

Actual Mileage =

B) Originally, you wanted to replace your GMC Sierra equipped with factory-installed P235/75R17 tires with monster truck style P305/70R22 tires. Your neighbor told you that your chance of being ticketed as a super speeding would increase due to inaccurate speedometer reading. If your speedometer reading displayed 60 miles per hour, could you be ticketed for super speeding (15 mph over the speed limit) in a 55 mph zone? Justify your answer.

C)Do you think that changing the tires from the factory tires has an effect on how the car runs?

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