GGS 101 Exercise 2 (4 points)

Question 1 (1 point)

Without using Google Earth or any maps (at first), figure out the general direction of the cities below. Follow the example.

City Name



San Diego (e.g.)



Paris, France

Auckland, New Zealand

Seattle, USA

Lima, Peru

Tokyo, Japan

Question 2 (1pt)

Answer the following questions about Russia

Russia is divided into ___Republics.

_______ Oblast is an exclave of Russia in Europe that was once ruled by Germany.

If you are flying over 43.4⁰ N and 45.5⁰E, you are flying over the _____ Republic.

If you are flying over 54.8⁰ N and 21.3⁰E, you are flying over _____ Oblast.

____is the largest Ex-USSR Republic that broke from Russia and currently has the longest land border with Russia.

Question 3 (1 point) (no citations required)

Answer the following questions about European Union.

How many members are there in the EU currently?

What is the most populous country in the EU?

Which country was the most recent to join the EU?

What year was the treaty of Rome signed?

Name at least 5 countries within continental Europe’s borders that are NOT in the EU.

Question 4: (1 points) (no citations required)

Estonia Latvia Lithuania

Choose one of the Baltic countries. Talk about its

  • Russian population %
  • Year it joined the EU
  • Its capital
  • Countries it borders
  • Play with google earth/maps and use the “distance” tool to find how far the capital of the Baltic country is from Moscow and Brussels.
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