1)Popular Culture Gender Analysis: Men and Leadership. Using the CUC database system, access the Media Education Foundation subscription and watch Tough Guise II documentary by Jackson Katz. According to Katz and the readings from week 4, in what ways does U.S. popular culture represent masculinity and leadership? Be sure to include an intersectional analysis in your response that addresses issues of race, ethnicity, age, socio-economic status, and misogyny. Utilize the readings from week 6 for your follow up comments. Address the following prompt in a 150 words

2)Visit www.makers.com to watch two video interviews from the list designed for specific modules. The interview discussion board thread entry will answer the following question by 11:59 pm on Thursday. Include both video interviews in your one weekly post. In what ways do the interviewees articulate a specifically gendered approach to leadership in their fields? Pick TWO from the list below Barbara Burns Dusty Roads Elearnor Norton Jenette Kohn Kathy Kusner Lynn Povich Maria Pepe Oprah Winfrey Post a substantive response to the question (minimum 250 words)

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