This assignment reinforces the fundamental mission of University of Phoenix to promote intellectual growth. As members of the academic community, we have a shared responsibility to promote academic honesty and the ethical use of source materials. Review the following resources before completing the assignment: The Plagiarism Tutorial Avoiding Plagiarism Mastery Test Student Code of Academic Integrity Plagiarism Checker and Manual Ch. 2 of Connections Write a 275- to 350-word (1-page) essay in a Microsoft® Word document on the topic of academic integrity. Discuss academic integrity by responding to the following: What are three examples of infractions that violate the Student Code of Academic Integrity? Why is integrity important in both academic and professional life? How do you put integrity into practice in both your academic and professional life? Discuss the resources on plagiarism available to you as student. Which is the most useful? Why? Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab:

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