Assignment – Create a design document for a restaurant website

For this Assignment, you will create a design document for a restaurant website.

Outcomes addressed in this activity:

Unit Outcomes:

  • Identify elements of Web pages.
  • Explain the website design process.
  • Construct a planning document for the design of the final project.

Course Outcome:

IT117-1: Complete a detailed plan for a website project in a formal design document.


Throughout this class, you will create web pages that will result in a Final Project website. Your goal is to create a website for an imaginary restaurant. You will be learning about HTML, CSS, and forms. You will use these concepts to build the web pages for the restaurant website. The Assignment for each week will build pages and elements to form a Final Project website.

Assignment Instructions

For Unit 1, use the Website Planning Worksheet located here to complete the Design Document for your final project website.

Assignment Requirements

The Assignment involves planning for your Final Project Website for a fictitious restaurant. Your final website will be seven pages as specified below. This Assignment is the first step in creating a website.

While you will not be creating any actual Web pages this week, you will be compiling the information needed to get started and efficiently work on your pages throughout the course.

Your Final Project Website will include the following:

  • You will create a complete website for a local restaurant
  • Your website must include the following pages:
    • index.html (home page)
    • aboutus.html
    • menu.html
    • contactus.html
    • chef.html
    • history.html
    • additional page (topic of your choice)

Files must be named as specified. Arrows should connect pages in the site map to show linkage (connection) between pages as shown in sample sitemap diagram.

  1. Download the Website Planning Worksheet and complete all sections. You will use this document to answer important questions about your Final Project Website.
  2. Using examples from the unit reading assignment, research from the Web and the sample_sitemap.pdf document, create a site map for your Final Project Website. Be sure to include all required pages in your site map. Create the site map in MS Word or PowerPoint.
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