WEEK 1 In order to complete the labs, you must install WAMP, the development server, and a PHP editor of choice, on your Windows computer. A. Install the WAMP Development Server following steps in Appendix B. Install the PHP Editor Tools following steps in Appendix A For the power users that want to step up from editing using Notepad, install one of these preferential PHP code editor: ? Microsoft Windows WordPad Editor (an optional improvement) ? Microsoft Web Expressions 4.0 (the recommended improvement) ? Microsoft Visual Studio Editor (an optional improvement) Complete Lab Work: o Discovery Project 1-1 (p.72) o Discovery Project 1-2 (p.72) o Discovery Project 1-3 (p.73) o Discovery Project 1-4 (p.73) WEEK 2 ?  Save any coded PHP programs and scripts in the directory C:wamp64wwwWk2Exercise where you will ZIP and Submit the weeks PHP scripts and programs. ?  Submit the completed Exercises (Zip file of Wk2Excercise) directory to the dropbox under the Week1: Assignment submission area as an attachment. Reinforcement Exercises o Exercise 4-1 (pages 221-224) o Exercise 4-2 (pages 224-227) o Exercise 4-3 (page 228) o Exercise 4-4 (page 228) o Exercise 4-5 (page 228) o Exercise 5-1 (pages 288-289) o Exercise 5-2 (pages 289-291) o Exercise 5-3 (page 291) o Exercise 5-4 (page 291) o Exercise 5-5 (pages 291-292) o Exercise 6-1 (pages 369-373) o Exercise 6-2 (page 373) o Exercise 6-3 (pages 373-376) o Exercise 6-4 (page 376 o Exercise 6-5 (page 376)

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