Select one and answer thoroughly

Remember to respond to two other students.


1. What was U.S. policy toward the Mexican Revolution and how successful was it?

2. What were the reform programs of Zapata and Villa and how did they differ?

3. What was the significance of the constitution of 1917?

4. How did the Revolution affect women and their struggle for equality?

5. What were Cárdenas’s labor and agrarian policies, and how did they both advance and limit Mexican development?

6. What role did rock n’ roll music play in Mexico’s political and cultural development during the 1960s?


see instructions

1. Provide Title of news source

2. Provide link to news item

3. In a paragraph or two, summarize the news item you’ve selected. It is your job to make sure someone reading your summary has a good idea what the news item is about.

4. There is NO need to respond to another student

5. Read the News Instructions carefully, noting the types of news stories not allowed. If you enter a news story that is, you will receive no credit

((>>this is an example of what a student has posted<<

1. News Source is BBC News

2. link:

3.”How I discovered that my ancestors participated in the slave trade”from BBC news resource narrated by Jaime Gonzales (mundo journalist). Jaime talks about Barcelona, the place he grew up and his family resides. He had ancestors that had obtained large fortunes by the trade transportations. A question came to him after the city decided to move the statue of Antonio Lopez, who was involved in trading and slave trading, that lead Jaime to investigate whether his ancestors were involved in the slave trading of Barcelona. He traveled to Chile and as a result of that he did found out that his ancestors played a role in the slave trading. He mentions slave trading is a controversial topic to talk about, but it is important to know what happened in the past and recognize as he mentions “to try to heal the scars of the past”(Gonzales), In order to create a better world.))

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