I have a lab report due on Sunday (11th) midnight (EST). wish if I can get some help writing it. I also have 2 previous different lab. (it is about a different topic but has a lot of feedback that can help you better write this lab, one of them which you have worked on). I have attached the marked first lab so you can take a look at the notes that the Prof has provided and need to be fixed in this lab. ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— LAB 1 REPORT GENERAL FEEDBACK: Hello all, I just wanted to make sure I communicated some feedback from Lab #1. Overall, the labs were done well. Please make sure to read the comments on your lab and consider the feedback when writing up Lab #2. A few general points to note: Please make sure you include all the sections the lab requires, I’ve attached the lab report guidelines here again as a reference For the ‘Summary’ and ‘Conclusion’ sections please make sure you briefly state your final results and final conclusions (just a couple of sentences will do). For Lab #1 I was looking for average viscosity numbers and whether each fluid was Newtonian or non-Newtonian Please include all your data tables in an appendix and refer to it when answering the questions. When asked to report data please be specific (ex. for question #2 in Lab #1 it would be best if you reported the average viscosities in the text instead of saying “refer to Table 1 for the viscosities”) For the ‘Results and Discussion’ section make sure you answer all the questions in the lab manual Please include a very brief summary of the experimental procedure For the ‘Analysis’ section please make sure you systematically go over each equation you used in your calculations and relate it to the lab. Please don’t just provide a list of equations, explain how you went from what is measured in the lab to your final results PERSONAL LAB 1 REPORT FEEDBACK: Discussion was missing a lot of answers to the questions in the lab Manual. For next lab report please write a full paragraph for each question answering it fully. Equations need to be explained and show the full derivations (from Fluids equations, example: Bernoulli’s equation). By explain it also includes the conditions were the equation can be used. And all this needs to be in the analysis section include all the assumptions that were considered to derive the equations used. For example: you can assume that a system is Sample hand written calculations need to be attached all data, tables, graphs need to be in the appendix and refer to them in the results and discussion section. ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— PERSONAL LAB 2 REPORT FEEDBACK: Please look at the PDF file attached “Lab 2 feedback” closely and make sure that you don’t repeat any mistake again in the new lab (no need to fix lab 2 as it has already been marked). LAB 2 NOTES FROM PROF: 1-(I just reviewed the discussion questions for Lab #3. Just a point to note: I don’t believe the Spirolab device measured the RV. So, I don’t think you’ll be able to calculate FRC or TLC. So, please just produce your results for TV, ERV, IRV and VC as well as provide a sketch of what the plot should look like before and after exercise for the VC test. ) 2-(The Spirolab devices didn’t print off all the information from the FVC tests which you’ll need to complete questions 5 & 6. So, I’ve attached a data set which you can use for your lab. In the data set PRE1, PRE2 and PRE3 are three trials of the FVC test. For consistency please use the attached data to answer the questions concerning the FVC in the lab. You can still use your own results for the VC tests. What is expected for questions 5 & 6 is to calculate the ve…

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