Write a program and flowchart. You work at a Doggie Day care, and you have been asked to tally the weights of the dogs currently in boarding. Your supervisor needs help with the following: Tracking weights of dogs in the following categories Large Breeds Over 70 lbs Medium Breeds Between 25 and 69 lbs Small Breeds Less then 25 lbs ** You can change the weight amounts in each category; but you must include Large, Medium, and Small The average weights in each category The total weights from all categories combined The program you write should include these components at a minimum. Remember though: Get creative, and feel free to add different components that you feel are applicable in a grading program. You at least three different arrays – These are, in effect, parallel arrays: One for Large Dogs One for Medium Dogs One for Small Dogs ** Please note: The example image shown below includes 3 dog arrays ** You can also add extra categories Such as Extra Large Size, or Tea Cup Size Remember to use a “for” loop for each array You should have Average Weights for each dog category; therefore, you will have a minimum of 3 Average Calculations Large Dog Weight Average Medium Dog Weight Average Small Dog Weight Average You should have Total Weights that calculates the totals of all dog categories If you have 3 weight categories, all three should be included Hints and Suggestions: You can set your own Dog Weights – for example, see the weights in the example below You can set how many dogs’ weights for each section You can also write the program to ask the user for this input, but this is not required At the end, it prints out the weight totals and averages for each section; and then the total weights across all categories. Looking for a flowgorithm flow chart for this program to see what im doing wrong in mine..

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