Please try to answer some of the more frequently asked training questions. The reasonable time to frame the answers is about 30 minutes. You can use pocket calculator, but the chosen here numerical examples are optimized to perform with mental arithmetic.

  1. Specify the flow of radar signals from the originating device in given radar set to the users display.
  2. Describe the field of functions of a duplexer and state a case on that condition given radar can work without a duplexer.
  3. The transmitters pulse width of pulsed radar is 1.5 µs and the duplexers recovery time is 0.5 µs. How far-off the antenna an airplane must be located at the least as to be detecting by the radar?
  4. A frequency-diversity radar with two identically transmitters use one transmitter only


  1. Please calculate the decreasing the range of the radar (without consideration of the fluctuation loss) according the radar equation.
  2. How the additional influences of the fluctuation loss affect the radar range


  • Radiated Power Ptx 1· 10 6 W 60 dBW
  • Antenna Gain G 1900 32.8 dB
  • Transmitters Wavelength λ (at 2,700 MHz) 0.11m
  • Radar Cross Section σ (e.g. of a small aircraft) 1 m2
  • MDS echo PMDS 5 · 10 -15 W -113 dBm


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