Need a title and an opening quote (italicized).

Need three to five pages of body; and at least ten works cited (actually, at least ten signal phrases in paper body). Use active voice and strong and clear verbs. Please pay attention to paragraph unity. Use a variety of strategies (for example, do not overuse illustrations (stories), and please avoid plagiarism.

Use MLA citation system; make sure to mark your boundaries with a signal phrase and a parenthetical citation; Include one footnote (brief sentence or two that would not go in your paper body). Times New Roman, or Calibri, size 12, double-spaced. Do not triple-space, and use one inch margins.

Include at least one amendment from the Bill of Rights (or the 14th amendment), and at least one article from the UN Declaration of Human Rights;

Make sure your draft follows the required five-point pattern. Use bolded sub-titles; and capitalize important words in all sub-titles.This draft must be properly formatted, according to the listed requirements.

Remember, your position is to abolish the death penalty; then, you must use at least two “reasons” bolded as sub-titles (bolded sub-titles help you organize and control your paper):

For example, you might use Racial Bias and Eyewitness Mis-identification or Class Bias and Cruel and Unusual.

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