The statistics budget: Select one: A. forecasts operating revenues that will be earned during the budget period B. identifies the amount of service that will be provided by departmental area C. represents an organization’s expected cash inflows and outflows based on the previous years’ cash flows D. identifies operating expenses that are expected to be incurred during the budget period E. A and B from above Effectiveness is a relationship between: Select one: A. Outputs and organizational goals B. Inputs and outputs C. Inputs and organizational goals D. None of the above Efficiency cost is a term that involves: Select one: A. The amount of time that a problem goes uncorrected B. Cost per unit of time C. Probability the problem occurrence is correctable D. All of the above. Use the correct terms to complete the following description of the evolution of the health plan/provider market. The existence of health care plan __________ produced health care provider __________. Select one: A. monopolies; oligopolies B. oligopsonies; oligopolies C. oligopsonies; monopolies D. oligopolies; oligopsonies Which of the following can a health care provider vary across different payers? Select one: A. charges (prices) B. discounts C. quality of care D. access to emergency services Preparing a cash budget is important because: Select one: A. It provides an early warning system with respect to future shortages of cash B. It provides a standard against which future performance can be judged C. It is an essential first step in preparing a sources and uses of cash statement D. All of the above E. A and B Cash outflow in cash budgeting is mainly due to: Select one: A. Capital expenditures B. Labor costs and other expenditures C. Payments on accounts payable D. Taxes, interest payments and dividend payments

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