For this milestone, you will articulate your final thoughts around your review of the literature and proposed research design. This milestone can be used as the final section of your Research Investigation final project submission. You will review the instructor feedback and incorporate into your final project submission in Module Eight. The final project is meant for you to propose a hypothetical study. You are not and should not be conducting human subjects research for this project. It is not necessary for the purposes of this assignment. All human subjects research requires written approval from the SNHU COCE Institutional Review Board in order to protect the welfare and ensure ethical treatment of the subjects. The following elements must be addressed as outlined in the Final Project Guidelines and Rubrics document:

A. Explain why you believe the identified gap in the research should be explored in future research.

B. Explain how the claims made by the authors of the studies presented in your chosen track would logically inform future research into your identified gap.

C. Explain the benefit of the research you have proposed to the field of psychology.

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