For Part One: Review lecture regarding redundancy, themes, and modification issues Review Relational Model lecture, using Veterinary Office List information as an example List themes evident in Veterinary Office List Spreadsheet (attached below) Write out in Word document Resolve any redundancy and modification issues- write out what these issues are, and how you would solve them, in a Word document Write out tables, columns in each table, primary and foreign keys in each table, for the entire Veterinary Practice database, using Word to “draw” this information What other themes/information should be added to this database to help make running the veterinary practice easier and more profitable? How would you add this additional information to your database? That is, what additional tables, keys, columns, etc. would you add to your database? Draw these tables, etc. in a Word document For Part Two: Building on the work you did in Part One of the Final Project, you’ll build the actual database, importing data, adding and populating tables, relating tables to one another, scrubbing your data, and in general preparing for the third and final part of this project, where you’ll create reports and queries, and make business recommendations to the business owner based on what you’ve seen when creating and running this database. You must have at least 4 tables in your database, but no more than 6 tables in your database. Decide on the business scenario you want to document with your data, and take it from there. Perhaps you want to increase efficiency in the practice, or make the practice more profitable by determining how to increase the number of customers the practice serves. Maybe you’ll decide on the most profitable procedures and try to get the practice to concentrate on those procedures alone. And so on… Part Three: Please follow the instructions below. If you have any questions or concerns, about any of the three assignments associated with this project, please let me know. Your database should already include the following tables (or something very similar): OWNER INFORMATION PET INFORMATION Then you were asked to create some additional tables for the practice, to help in some way track costs or help the practice run more efficiently, and so on. Here are some possible examples: The SUPPLIES TABLE, containing all supplies related to the practice, and the PROCEDURES TABLE, listing different types of procedures and their associated prices. You could use information in these tables to invoice customers for procedures done to their pets, or to keep track of when to replenish certain supplies in the storeroom. For the tables you create that need a primary key, please let Access assign a primary key for you. Enter data into each new table such that each table has NO LESS THAN 15 RECORDS. You will have to make this data up. Tables must be related to one another. Scrub all the data in your database by amending or removing any data that is incorrect, incomplete, improperly formatted, or duplicated. Normalize ALL your data to at least 2 nd normal form. Determine whether or not you have enough data in your database to help the owner of the practice make good business decisions – that is, could you tell the owner of the practice what to do to increase profits or reduce loss, based on the data already in the database. If not, explain this and suggest solutions in your commentary. Find three (3) outside data sources that could contribute to ongoing data analysis and to your goal of helping the practice maximize profits. List your resources – a hyperlink to them would do nicely. For example, here’s a link to an article about how much veterinary technicians make. You could use this to help the vet understand if he’s paying his people too much or not enough. Based on your analysis, create three (3) reports for the practice, using data included in the Veterinary Practice Database. Decide what three (3) reports should be run monthly …

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