for this assignment you are a camp director for kids read the article and answer case study #2 please respond with 300 words :

If you want a perspective on the value of traditional camp and its life skills training read this ACA Camping Magazine article A Place to Share: “Camp” Skills Are “Real” Skills.

CASE STUDY #2: Remote Camp and the Local Community

Camp X is located in a very remote mountain region with part of the camp’s outpost actually on leased US Forest Service lands. The camp’s small lake has two private cabins on one far shore and a US Forest Service campground at one end. Across the ridge is a winter downhill ski area that is not even visible from the camp. Camp X has experienced strong program growth and participation but had its dining hall vandalized during the winter when the camp was completely shut down.

Please respond: How could Camp X seek to reduce another future vandalism experience with the support or help of the local community?

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