Read the two articles in the attached file and complete the following, and the Critique Template will be attached to the file.

The purpose of this external assignment is to teach the student how to read the methodology of an article and in their own words, describe precisely what happened so that an outside individual could replicate the referenced study if needed.

**Remember, regarding your work, merely switching words around or substituting words is considered plagiarism. Copying word for word is plagiarism and any plagiarism will result in an automatic zero for this assignment.

Directions: The student will provide information including:

  • Title of the study
  • Authors
  • Corresponding author
  • Corresponding author’s email address, department, and institution
  • Year of publication
  • Journal of publication
  • Critique Template
  • Summarized Introduction: Directions below
  • Method Figure

Introduction: In abstract form, 150 – 250 words, summarize each paragraph of the introduction, in your own words. The purpose is to break down each paragraph and gain an understanding of why the author chose to include that paragraph. Essentially, what is the author trying to convey/get across to the reader and his/her reason for including it. Make sure to highlight independent and dependent variables.

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