1. (20 pts) For the following program, explain the interesting elements related to threads. Focus on

explaining the output of the program.

1 public class TaskThreadDemo {

2 public static void main (String args []) {

3 String [] sa = {“a”, “X”, “+”, “.”};

4 for (String s: sa) {

5 Runnable ps = new PrintChar (s, 200);

6 Thread ts = new Thread (ps, s);

7 ts.start ();

8 } // end for each character

9 } // end main

10 } // end class TaskThreadDemo


12 class PrintChar implements Runnable {

13 String ch;

14 int times;


16 public PrintChar (String c, int n) {

17 ch = c;

18 times = n;

19 } // end constructor


21 public void run () {

22 for (int i = 0; i < times; i++) {

23 System.out.print (ch);

24 } // end for loop

25 } // end method run

26 } // end class PrintChar

2. (20 pts) What is changed if the method called on line 7, start(), is replaced with run()? Explain (of

course). Focus on explaining the output of the program.

3. (20 pts) What is changed if the method Thread.yield() is added between lines 23 and 24? Explain.

Focus on explaining the output of the program.

4. (20 pts) Using the jconsole or jvisualvm utilities provided in the JDK, list and explain some of the

threads that are created in your code for Project 3. Note that you can name the threads created in the

program, as is done on line 6 in Problem 1 above, which can make this discussion a lot easier to follow.

5. (20 pts) Explain how the java.util.concurrent.Semaphore class might be used in Project 4 to

coordinate the requirements of the various jobs. Then address the question of whether or not this

actually makes sense in the context of the requirements of program. In other words, can you suggest

approaches to handling shared resource pools that would be simpler than using semaphores?

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