1, Explain how and why each of the following will change as a parcel of air with an unchanging
amount of water vapor rises (thus both expanding and cooling) in 1-2 sentences : (a) absolute humidity; (b)
actual vapor pressure; (c) saturation vapor pressure; (d) relative humidity. 2. The Great Flood of 1862 was the largest flood ever recorded in the U.S. West, likely driven
by sequential atmospheric river events that drove heavy precipitation along the windward
flank of the Sierra Nevada. A recent study by Swain et al. (2018) noted that the odds of
another event similar to the Great Flood was about 50/50 by 2050. Such an event would
be exacerbated by climate change, with enhanced rainfall due to higher atmospheric water
vapor content. In no more than 200 words a) summarize the impacts of the Great Flood
of 1862, (b) comment on how an event such as this might impact us if it were to occur

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