Measurement Instruments

Mass, Volume, and Density

Experiment 2, on Measurements of Length, Volume and Density.

Volume Equations are given on page, 27.

We will discuss the least counts and estimated fractions for the meter stick, Vernier caliper, Micrometer, Balance and Graduated Cylinder. Table 1, page 29.

You will be responsible to turn in:

Density Determination, Data Table 3, Page 31.

You must include:

The linear dimensions of the Rod, Sphere and Rectangular Block specifying the the type of element each object is made of and a minimum of two readings for each step as well as the average. All readings must be taken in centimeters.

Data Table 4, Page 32

The mass in grams for the same rod, Sphere and Rectangular Block, you used in table 3.

Their volume by using the mathematical equations found in page 27, all expressed in cm3

The mass in grams and the volume in cm3 of the irregular shape indicating the type of material of the irregular object.

The density in g/cm3 all of the above showing the mathematical calculations and percent error, using equation 1.2, page 7. Accepted Densities of Materials are found in Appendix A, Page 511, Table A1.

Units must be written next to each physical measurement in each step, not just the final answer.

Questions 3, 4 and 5, Pages 33 & 34. Your answers should always be brief and on target. Support your answers with formulas whenever possible, or a simple diagram, or even a short experiment if needed.


Although data may be similar within the group, sharing of final work by printing copies and handing them out to other group members, or copying answers to questions is considered cheating, and will be awarded no points. Reports and questions must be done independently.

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