Exceptional Learners. Identify factors they would need to consider in mainstreaming the following students: (any 5) 2 pages. A moderately retarded 11-year-old A learning disabled 9-year-old who cannot read  but has high intelligence A hyperactive 5-year-old with attention deficit disorder A blind 17-year-old with average intelligence A 6-year-old in a wheelchair A blind, deaf, autistic, 15-year-old A 7-year-old who speaks five languages and has serious hobbies in physics and astronomy A 12-year-old with high intelligence but limited proficiency in English It may be helpful to review the Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act [IDEA] before setting up the mainstreaming situation. Considering the nature of items to be included in IEPs for some of the students indicated above I attached an example of the assignment and PowerPoint for refrence

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