1. Watch…

2. Read: “Humanity in the Age of Frankenstein’s Cat (Op-Ed)” (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

3. Read: Chap. 1-2 in Frankenstein’s Cat

Initial Reply

4. Write a 200+ word answer to this question: “How should people responsibly deal with all of the challenging questions that biotechnology brings to the table?”

  • Please include one quote from the book or article
  • Please include one quote from the Ted Talk
  • Please include an in-text and works cited for all sources you use


  • Initial post due by Wednesday at 11:59pm of Week 2
  • TWO replies to peers of at least 50+ words each due by Sunday at 11:59 of week 2
    • replies to peers by Thursday of week 2 will get a point of extra credit


1. Since the past to the current days, biotechnology has been recognized to be one of the most vital parts of our lives. However, there are a lot of controversial questions related to how individuals deal with all of the problems which biotechnology brings to the current society. After watching the fundamental Ted Talk of Mr. Juan Enriquez, I came to realize that biotechnologies not only will benefits our future, but also in the past. During the presentation, he claimed, “What you end up doing is taking what we have been doing for thousands of years, which is breeding, changing, mixing, matching all kinds of life forms, and we accelerate it”. (Enriquez 2016) Not only that, he also further provides the audience three examples of the humble mustard weed, and how they could be made into three different types of vegetables: kale, broccoli, and cauliflower. By looking at these evidences, the audience can immediately understand the useful benefits of biotechnology, and how these techniques could possibly form an interesting living environment. Secondly, in the article “Humanity in the Age of Frankenstein’s Cat (Op-Ed)”, the author of the book, Ms. Anthes, states, “Biotechnology is not inherently good or bad; it is simple a set of techniques, and we have choices about how we employ them. If we use our scientific superpowers wisely, we can make life better for all living beings – for species that walk and those that fly, slither, scurry and swim; for the creatures that live in scientific labs and those who run them”. (Anthes 2013) This justifies for the act that if humanity understand how biotech works, and what specific advantages it could bring to life, then the biotechnology would never have any serious impacts towards us. However, there are a lot of immoral individuals who take advantages of biotechnology to harm other creatures, including animals and plants. This is when biotechnology began to spread negativity to the human life. Therefore, it is very necessary to understand that human should be wise when dealing with biotechnology, and utilize the best in every techniques in order to provide humanity the most developed life.

Works Cited

Anthes, Emily. Frankenstein’s Cat: Cuddling up to Biotech’s Brave New Beasts. Oneworld, 2013.

Enriquez, Juan. “We Can Reprogram Life. How to Do It Wisely | Juan Enriquez.” YouTube, YouTube, 13 May 2016,

2. Firstly, we have to be civil when discussing biotechnology. Remember, we have to respect other’s choices (Enriquez, 12:53-13:25). There is going to be huge variation in opinion regarding this topic because this is a heavily philosophical topic. Like in the book Frankenstein’s Cat, the author wrote about transplanting human biological parts into animals. One concern is that how human brain cells and human behaviors would a sheep, rat, or ape need to display in order to qualify for enhanced legal status and legislative representation? (Anthes 35) When it comes to philosophy, we cannot have a discussion that is centered only around logic. Philosophy in it of itself is bottomless, it is conversations with no end. So, it is important to be respectful during conversations like that.

We should also educate ourselves about biotechnology. It is not just all bad. I was once exercising and running along a street and came across a strawberry stall. They all look bigger than usual so I asked the seller if it is genetically modified. The seller answered no in a tone that is as if it is a bad and undesirable thing to be selling to consumers. But the truth is that I actually think that GMO is a good thing as it is engineered to be enhanced with nutrients and can help people fight health problems. The point here is that education is really important to have a proper conversation. Educations ranging from how it is conducted, the laws surrounding it and the results that emerge from it.

Works Cited

Anthes, Emily. Frankenstein’s Cat: Cuddling up to Biotech’s Brave New Beasts. Oneworld, 2013.

Enriquez, Juan. “We Can Reprogram Life. How to Do It Wisely | Juan Enriquez.” YouTube, YouTube, 13 May 2016,

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