Evaluate your peer’s paper. Read the entire essay and mark any obvious mistakes, such as:

1. Typos (misspellings and inconsistent spaces, punctuation, formatting, etc.)
2. Misuse of quotes (less than 10 percent of the paper should be made up of quotes)
3. Sentences that are difficult for you to understand, for any reason
When you’re done, give your overall impression of the paper by answering the following questions. Make sure
you explain your opinion in each answer.
1. What is the essay’s biggest strength? What does your peer do well in the essay? (2-3 sentences)

2. What does your peer most need to work on in the essay? What does the essay lack, or what might the
essay do better? (2-3 sentences)

3. What is the essay’s claim, and what are all the supporting reasons for the claim? If you have trouble
answering this question, explain why it isn’t clear in the essay.

4. What counterclaim does the essay address? How does your peer address the counterclaim? If you have
trouble answering this question, explain why it isn’t clear in the essay.

5. What is at least one example of evidence that your peer uses to back up one of his or her points? Is there a
section in the essay that doesn’t seem to have enough evidence, and where is it?

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