This week you will work with the partner you selected in week five. Please go to week seven and read your classmate’s essay a couple of times–first to understand your partner’s intentions and then reread the essay again to pay attention to areas you think your partner can revise to better communicate ideas. After you have read the essay, please copy and paste the twelve peer-review questions below into a Word document, and keep in mind that all twelve questions need comprehensive responses. Your feedback needs to be in complete sentences. Please compose your feedback, saving often, in a Word program and then copy and paste your feedback into 8a with the subject line reading “Feedback for _________” (of course, you include your partner’s name instead of a blank line in the subject line). You will copy and paste your feedback into 8a.

Please follow the instruction provided below and complete the essay peer feedback.

Full instruction and classmate essay will be attach below.

**Please write in simple language**

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