Discuss and analyse two recommendations provided by National

Integration Working Group for Workplaces for building an inclusive and

harmonious workplace, by systematically associating each recommendation

with the relevant context – sociorelational, perceptual, environmental, microcultural, or cultural – within James W. Neuliep’s contextual model of intercultural communication.

In your analysis, you should explain how the two recommendations specifically address the challenges that arise from these contexts. You might also want to use the toolkit to critique Neuliep’s contextual model, by highlighting areas in intercultural communication that were not addressed in his model.

In addition, you will need to collect primary data from Singapore that are related to the two recommendations you are discussing. You should interview two persons from the following categories:

-individuals who work in culturally diverse organisations to elicit their perceptions on the benefits and challenges of a culturally diverse workplace; and/or

– employers, managers, or human resource professionals in who manage a culturally diverse workplace for some of the issues and challenges and how they have tackled them.

Write a 800-1000-word essay on your study, detailing the research process, findings and conclusions of the study. Provide details of the interviewees – e.g., age, gender, ethnicity, etc. – where relevant

Summarize and explain your research methodology in one or two paragraphs, but the main portion of your essay should be devoted to your literature review, findings, analysis, and conclusion.

Use APA referencing Style

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