Imagine that you are a superhero flying through the sky in a horizontal, prone, position. Your feet are plantar flexed, with your toes pointed (flexed), your legs are fully extended and your thighs are together in a neutral position relative to your torso (e.g., you are contracting muscles to prevent them from flexing at the hip). Your upper limbs are pointed straight ahead, with your palms down and fingers pointed (extended), forearms extended at the elbow, and arms fully flexed at the shoulder. In addition, to facilitate the position of your upper limbs, your shoulder blades are elevated and rotated upwards (the glenoid cavities are oriented as superiorly as possible).

Your assignment: name and describe the prime mover appendicular muscles (see Prime Mover Skeletal Muscle Info) or most important appendicular muscle groups (if there are/is no prime mover(s)) necessary to maintain this pose plus the innervation of the relevant muscles (see Tables in Tortora Ch. 11 and17 for innervation of muscles).

  • Organize your description by the appendicular joint(s) at which movement of the relevant body part occurs.
    • There should be 8 sections in your description, 7 of which correspond to the actions at the following appendicular joints (include innervation).
  1. Fingers/wrist (gross movements caused by forearm muscles – don’t include intrinsic hand muscles)
  2. Distal & proximal radioulnar joints
  3. Elbow
  4. Shoulder
  5. Hip
  6. Knee
  7. Ankle (talocrural joint)
  • The final (8th) section should be a description of the muscles involved in maintaining the position of the scapulae during the superhero flight and the innervation of those muscles.

For full credit, you must submit a rich text format file (a specific type of text file) or a pdf file. The filename must be as follows: lastname-first, where xxx is rtf or pdf, depending on the file type you saved (e.g., for a student with the last name Adam Smith, in section #1000, an rtf file would be named as follows: smith-a-1000-SH.rtf).


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