It need to include total 3 articles two articles from the book of (They say I say) I will provide the articles from the book and the third article from the internet (outside source) and +++++ `MLA format +++++ And counter argument with my own opinion

The essay is about the impact of technology in our lives. Between the various articles, the writers present varying views of how different software technologies, social media and the Internet are impacting our society

Write an essay in which you argue your own position on this issue. Do you believe that this type of technology is benefiting our society, or is it limiting our abilities? Approximate length: 4-5 pages Some issues you may want to cover include: Cognition Attention span Social interaction Memory Select an intriguing and relevant title.

In the introduction: Draw your reader in with a hook and discussion indicating why this is an issue to which readers should pay attention. Make sure to clarify a thesis statement indicating the issue and your position.

In the body of your essay, you will:

Develop transitions between and within paragraphs to guide your readers from point to point

Effectively integrate sources using varied approaches and signal phrases. Use at least 3 sources. At least 2 of them should be from our text (Ch 18).

Use direct quotes and paraphrases

Carefully and accurately apply MLA documentation within the text.

Include a Works Cited page

Throughout the essay: use signal phrases to attribute ideas to the source. Use effective language clear sentence structure, strong word choices, coherent paragraphs, and clear transitions between & within paragraphs.

Through this essay, you will: develop a claim (that technology is benefiting, or limiting our potential), learn to select & synthesize material from at least three texts (articles from Chapter 18) to support your claim, and develop an argument using relevant and selected evidence.

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