Essay 2: Analysis

2-3 pages

5% Draft

10% Final

Assignment Objectives

Students will complete this assignment by writing an essay that responds to a NYT Op-doc and is supported by some information from the following link:… Students will use what they have viewed to support or illustrate their own position (agreement, disagreement, extension) rather than writing an essay focused on describing the work of another writer/director. Successful completion of this assignment will require students to (1) develop their own position, (2) express that position clearly and persuasively, and (3) demonstrate a connection—with quotation, paraphrase, or summary—between their position and that of the author(s)/director(s) whose works they are analyzing.

Here are the documentaries you can choose from: (you may have to copy and paste into a browser)………


Unlike the first essay, where you wrote an exposition of another’s ideas, here you will analyze the ideas of another author/director and then engage that work with some of your own ideas.


Write a persuasive essay that presents your argument for your solution to some focused issue that touches on immigration through the lens of the documentary. Your essay may use personal experiences for support, but at least PART of support or elaboration in this essay must be drawn from the Atlantic essay linked to above.

Suggestion for Process

As far as watching the video, you want to approach it as we did in class with an initial set of general questions, and then a more specific set of questions that address the possible purpose of the documentary. You may have to defend what you feel the purpose is based on example from the doc.

Rhetorical Situation

Remember, your audience has not seen these documentaries. Understand also that we are watching them in the context of the current immigration debate that surrounds us and our neighbors, and even the world.

Do I need a work cited page?

Yes. You will cite the Atlantic essay and the doc you choose at the end of the essay. You will need to cite each quotation, paraphrase, or summarize within the text. . Make appropriate use of the full array of devices for MLA citation: attributive lead-in phrases, quotation marks, in-text parenthetical references, and a listing of every source on the work cited page. Please ask if you have any questions about citation and remember that all essays will go through the Turnitin Originality Check in the D2L (eLearning) Dropbox.

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