You will use the tools of rhetorical analysis to show your understanding of an author’s argument and evaluate how effectively it has been made. Your task is to craft your own argument about the rhetorical strategies you find in your source text and support all of your claims with evidence. Your analysis must demonstrate that you understand the context of the argument and that you have thought carefully about the author’s rhetorical purpose and their intervention in a debate. In other words, your task is to craft your own argument about someone else’s argument. Essentially, your essay will answer the following questions: what is the argument presented in this text, and what are the strategies and appeals that make this argument convincing (or fail to make it convincing)? This assignment meets the learning outcomes of 1) critical analysis, 2) editing your prose to achieve a writing style in keeping with the conventions of academic discourse, and 3) developing revision strategies for extending and enriching drafts and producing polished advanced academic writing

Choose one of the following texts to analyze

1. Bryan Doerries, “Healing the Invisible Wounds of War With Greek Tragedy” (essay by the director of Antigone in Ferguson on the Theater of War project) ( will be attached below)

2. K-Sue Park, “The A.C.L.U. Needs to Rethink Free Speech”

3. David Cole, “Why We Must Still Defend Free Speech”

4. Karen Finney, “I’m Black. Robert E. Lee is My Relative. His Statues Can’t Come Down Soon Enough.”

5. Joshua Zeitz, “Why There Are No Nazi Statues in Germany” 6. Rebecca Solnit, “Across America, Racist and Sexist Monuments Give Way to a New Future”

The requirements will be included in a document below

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