I need two responses of at least 150 words each for the below students discussions for this week. Also in the bold below are the questions the students at answering.


What are pros / cons of using command line arguments / parameters, why use them?

Student one:

Hello all.

Here are some pros to using command line arguments. By using the command line itself you are able to get your results immediately. You will be able to control your program from the outside by not having to hardcode values into the code that is being created. The command line interface uses very little ram. The command line interface can also be used to find viruses, adware, and malware. Though a graphical user interface may look more appealing, in the right hands, the command line can be much simpler. If you forget a particular command you can always type “help” so you do not have to know everything off the top of your head.

The cons are as follows, and seem to be very much based in experience using the interface itself. Since you are using a text only interface you have to know which language you choose to code in well. Otherwise you may find it a tad difficult to perform certain tasks, leaving very little room for error. You have to be precise with spelling when using the command line interface. If you aren’t then your command will fail, or you won’t get your intended result. The learning curve seems to be the only true con, but anyone willing to put time and work in should reap good rewards.

In conclusion, the pros of using command line arguments are closely linked with the fact that you are using the command interface itself. But I think the most important pro is that by using them you don’t have to hardcode values, so you don’t have to redo your work over and over. The con of using command line arguments is the learning curve.





Student two:

What are pros / cons of using command line arguments / parameters, why use them?

“A command line interface is a set of command lines in a usable interface that interact with a program where the client can issue commands to the specific program in the form of text.” (Softwarebytes, 2016) It is essentially the programming for a program. Parameters is a mechanism within a command line interface. When a user opens a program from the OS command line shell, any additional text that is in the interface and program name is transmitted to the opened program during its launch.

Some pros of using command line arguments and parameters are to find viruses, malware, and adware. It is beneficial in finding malicious content and is not complicated for a user to use. Command line arguments/parameters are quick and easy to use for an experienced user. Command lines can also be used remotely and have the ability to be scripted to do multiple tasks at once (automatically) as well as search for viruses while they are performing other tasks. Less memory is used and does not take up at much CPU processing time.

A con would be the learning curve for new programmers who want to become familiar with command line interfaces. There is also no room for error as commands must be perfect and exact, failing to abide by this may cause the user to have to start from step 1 and begin over. There is a big learning curve as users need to learn the commands for Unix.


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