Amy Tan is a first generation Chinese-American author. She is well known for many of her stories, but her most famous (and turned into a major motion picture) is “The Joy Luck Club.”

If interested in more about Amy Tan, visit her website bio: (链接到外部网站。)

Attached here is her short story, “Mother-Tongue” Mother-Tongue-by-Amy-Tan.pdf

In this story, she discusses the use of language between herself and her mother. Tan speaks broken Chinese and her mother, broken English. She discusses family relationships, the reactions of others to her mother’s weak English usage, and, an overarching idea that language can convey so much more than words.

Please read the short story and then, in a solid 2 paragraphs, consider the following:

1. can you relate to anything Tan talks about in her story? If so, what and how.

2. How do you feel using English with your friends and family?

3. What do you think about the end commentary of her story: that language can capture “passion, imagery, and…thoughts.”

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