Purpose: to write a short mediatory paper (1 to 1 1/2 pages) based on two opposing viewpoints that are written (essays, oped articles, speeches that have been transcribed, etc). The paper should include: an overview of the conflict. Describe the conflict and the opposing positions int he introductory paragraphs. discussion of the differences underlying the conflict. Your goal in the body paragraphs is to make all sides more sympathetic to one another and to sort out the important real interests that must be addressed by the solution. propose a solution. In the concluding paragraphs, make a case for your compromise position, giving reasons why it should be acceptable to all and serves some of their interests. Include MLA in-text citations if you quote, paraphrase or summarize the opposing viewpoints. Be sure to include a Works Cited page with your two opposing viewpoint sources. When revising, be sure to: look for the usual issues with organization and development that is needed in an essay to convince or persuade. be sure that you have inquired carefully and fairly into the conflict and that you have clearly presented the cases for all sides, including your proposed solution. Make sure have a solid appeal to character: have you maintained neutrality? Open-mindedness and a genuine concern for all involved? Make sure have a strong appeal to emotions: this essay should have a moving argument for understanding and overcoming differences. Make sure you show your style: put the power of language to work. You need concrete word choices, striking metaphors, and phrases that stand out because of repeated sounds and rhythms. Audience/Tone: maintain a scholarly tone with your college peers as your audience–not to mention the people you are mediating for. Standard English rules apply and no contractions or use of 2nd person (you, your, you’re).

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