“The Red Convertible”: How does the red Oldsmobile function as the story’s central symbol? What changes does the car go through? How do these changes stand for what Lyman and Henry are going through?

Answer one of the following questions in MLA-formatted, essay of 400-750 words in length.
Your essay must follow the standard academic form: introduction with a “hook” and a specific thesis statement ending the introductory paragraph, body paragraphs that support the thesis, and a conclusion that offers final thoughts. Focus on clearly and directly answering the question at the beginning of your response.
Support should be clear and organized; supporting points should not overlap. Do not summarize the stories; instead analyze them.
The response should be well-structured and free of grammatical errors.
Your title cannot be the same as the title of the story.
Review the course syllabus for plagiarism reminders and policies. The CGTC Degree-Level Rubric is used to assess this essay.
Wikipedia/CliffNotes/PinkMonkey/Spark Notes/Shmoop/Similar Sites are not to be used in formal, academic work, such as this essay. You will not receive full credit for your essay if you rely on those types of materials.
For this assignment, you do not need external research; however, you do need a work cited page. You must cite the literature using MLA styling. Literature entries must appear on the Work(s) Cited page. In-text parenthetical citations must be properly used in the body of the essay.

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