Rousseau—Homework for Thursday

The details:

Typed: Times New Roman font

12 point

MLA formatting

Double spaced

Length: as long as it takes, but certainly more than one, typed page. Staple multiple pages together.

It will make my life easier if you run your assignment through to proofread and make corrections. Here is a link to a free site sponsored by our university. It’s Grammerly Premium, which is the good stuff: The link to Grammerly is at the bottom of the window. Hey, use it for all your written assignments.

Submit the homework in the box outside my door (Rm 247) by Thursday 5 p.m.

The game plan:

Rousseau writes, “Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains.” He believes that education’s job is to develop the character and moral sense of children, rather than simply imparting information and concepts.

Rousseau wrote that children should learn right and wrong through experiencing the consequences of their actions, rather than through punishment.

You will write one essay involving two consequences of your actions: one consequence will have a negative outcome (remember, you will not have been “punished” as a consequence—you will have LEARNED); the other consequence will have been positive (again, you will not have been “rewarded” with a candy bar for your actions, but you will have LEARNED something about the Golden Rule).

Use all those skills that my colleagues and I taught you in Comp 1 & 2. I particularly like description, setting, and dialogue.

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