To Read: Rilke, (all poems) p. 561-565 (Vol. F)

Neruda, “Tonight I Can Write” and “I’m Explaining a Few Things” p. 604-607, 608-610 (Vol. F)

Achebe, “Chike’s School Days” p. 807-812 (Vol. F)

Mahfouz, “Zaabalawi” p. 863-873 (Vol. F)

To Complete:The four authors for this week put particular significance into certain words or images. Using assigned texts from at least three of the four authors for this week, what are particular words or images that stand out in the various poems or stories? Why do those words or images stand out? Do they represent something more than what they are (function as symbols) or do they simply draw attention to a particular idea or moment? In reflecting on the examples you discuss, are any of them relevant to how we may use words or imagery in our lives today?

Discussion at least 250 words. It needs to find the text yourself and write your own point of view. Please complete at the specified time.

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