Assignment Content Companies are susceptible to losing sensitive data in many ways, including cyber-attackers and human errors, so it is important for organizations to properly protect their data and network. In this assignment, you will create an Encryption Policy for CIO review. Use the organization you chose in the discussion Classifying an Organization’s Sensitive Data to frame the recommendations and information that will be protected. For example, a company in the Healthcare industry is going to have patient information that falls under the HIPPA regulations. Write a 2- to 3 page policy, and ensure you: List the organization’s sensitive data that must be protected. Describe at least 2 primary threats that could compromise the organization’s data. Describe how the encryption methodologies that should be implemented to protect the organization’s sensitive data. Complete a matrix that compares the asymmetric and symmetric encryption methodologies (PKI, TLS, SSL) for protecting data within the network. Format your assignment and all references and citations according to APA guidelines. Given that this is an academic paper, additional research outside of the class materials to support the assertions in the document is expected. Submit your assignment in Microsoft Word format.

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