Design a dc Power supply circuit that will provide a regulated voltage of about 10 V from an AC line
voltage of 120 V r.m.s (the voltage you get from the wall outlet). The load current in the desired dc
power supply circuit can vary from 0 mA to 20 mA and the regulated output voltage can vary at
most ±1% of the desired output, 10V.
To meet the desired specification, you are suggested to use a peak rectifier circuit (consists of a
bridge rectifier and a capacitor) that allows a maximum ripple of ±1V. The rectifier feeds a
resistance of 150 ? (as shown in the figure, next page). Note that the rectifier is fed from the line
voltage (120 V rms, 60 Hz) through a 10-to-1 step down transformer. The diodes available have 0.7-
V drop when conducting. The output of the peak rectifier is connected to the input of the voltage
regulator to produce the desired regulated voltage of about 10V.
For voltage regulation, the available Zener diode is specified to have a Vz = 10V at a test current of
25 mA. The other parameters provided by the manufacturer are rz =10 ? and IZK = 2.5 mA.
Show all the detailed calculations of your design. In particular,
For peak rectifier- Find the value of the dc output voltage of the rectifier filter and the required
value of filter capacitor that supports the desired ripple, also find the maximum reverse voltage that
will appear across the diode, and specify the PIV rating of the diodes, Calculate the average current
through the diode during conduction, Calculate the peak diode current.
For regulator- Calculate the required value of R, Find the load regulation. By what percentage does
VO change from the no-load to the full-load condition? Check whether the change in output voltage
meets the desired specification (use Multisim to verify your calculation). Find maximum power
dissipation in the Zener diode.
Do the simulation using Multisim and show that the required specifications are met.
Use Cursor to measure the output voltages in each section, also measure the ripples to justify your
claim. Show that under different loading conditions the output voltage is within the desired range
mentioned in the specification. Take snap-shot of each measurement and submit it with the project

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